Acid Eye Red X2T True Wireless Earphone

When you buying true wireless earphones you first need to know about what you exactly you want from these earphones. If you are going to a market for buying a true wireless earphone you are looking for a brand, price, usage etc. These are the main points which the customer looking for
it. It vary from person to person all have different choices according to it. According to my opinion, the Acid Eye Red X2T True wireless earphones are the best true wireless earphones because it will fulfill all the requirements which the customer need.

Acid Eye True Wireless earphone has affordable price as compared to the other brand. The color which is available in this wireless earphone is Red. The Red color is very trendy nowadays and the color automatically attracts the people. Most of the people buying the product only for the color. For me also color matters a lot because you get various choices from it.
These Bluetooth earphones have a cool design, with a smart carry case that charges up to 2 hours which is more than the average. It uses the latest technology of Bluetooth version V4.2, which connect your devices faster, more stable compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, save more power and also extend battery life than V4.1.

Acid Eye X2T True wireless earphone has Superb Sound Quality with Bluetooth V4.2+CSR for best stereo sound and superb bass sound. Clear high & low volume. These earphones are built with the mic you can easily take calls, reject the call and end call Voice Dialing and these wireless earphones have Superb microphone quality. You can enjoy music or watch TV& films for a longer time, specially designed a USB micro cable and it is very convenient to carry charging when you doing exercising, going for a trip or other outdoor sports and so on which is very useful for it.

These wireless earphones have a wireless range one for about 15 m and set for about 10 m which makes the Mini wireless earphone extraordinary. You can share it with friends around you. That Would Be Wonderful feature in it.

These wireless earphones are specially built for Running, Jogging & Gym Exercise, and Watching TV etc.


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