Acid Eye Blue X2T True wireless earphones

The true wireless earphones were hard to recommend without you using it before any brand which you love. The True wireless earphone is the best affordable true wireless earphones. It does not mean a pocket-money price but it is amazing in my opinion. The price of this wireless earphone is Rs 2849 and the blue color is available in this wireless earphone.

This is my favorite Acid Eye Blue X2T True wireless earphones right now. They combine great wireless performance with awesome sound quality, which many others brand which is available in the market cannot deliver it.

This X2t are solid with nicely balanced, refined sound. I happy with these true wireless earphones for tuning.

This his earphone the Bluetooth signal is great, too, without any interference to spoil the experience. As well as Acid Eye Blue True wireless offering great sound, the Acid Eye is X2T feature-packed. The highlight is active noise cancellation, which plenty of ambient noise. The level of cancellation can be customized, and there is even a mode that automatically alters the level to suit what you are doing.

It has a Battery Capacity of 85mAh for each earbud, and charging time is 2 hours which is a great surprise for the customer and you can run this wireless earphone for playtime for music is 6 to 8 hours which is totally dependent upon the usage of it.

It has to charge Case Battery Capacity is 1500mAh. In this true wireless earphone, you have multiple point pairing means that you can connect two devices simultaneously at a time without any interference.
This true wireless headphone is built in HD microphone for hands-free calling, end call, reject the call and so on. This wireless earphone with IOS APPLE system of the battery power displays you the warning for your low battery.

• Fantastic noise cancellation
• It is comfortable and easy to use
• It is automatically connected and disconnect it.
• Fabulous sound

The X2t True Bluetooth earphone has more pros as compared to the cons. The only con is that the outer package is not packed properly. Otherwise, this is an amazing product from Acid Eye( ). For my advice, you can go and get this product you definitely like this. You can buy this Acid Eye True Wireless earphone from Amazon ( ).


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